LivingRAIL - Vision for rail in Europe in 2050

LivingRAIL is a research project funded by the European Commission. It develops a vision for rail transport in Europe 2050, and a roadmap for realizing it.


Database for future measures now online

The LivingRAIL database contains rail and policy measures to foster public transport use in Europe 2050. The reports try to estimate market sizes and mode shift potentials. We invite you to comment!

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Good marketing: cool films

Public transport has an image problem? That doesn’t have to be that way. Here you can find good examples for good marketing for good transport services. Have fun with funny commercials.

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Framework trends: opportunities for rail

LivingRAIL elaborates visions on the future role of the railways within external megatrends like the evolving demographic and economic structures, environmental challenges, cultural values or the technological progress. Our analysis shows that most of the framework trends are a chance for rail.

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Two scenarios: mainstream and dynamic

For the trends external to the railway sector, LivingRAIL has defined two future scenarios: A reference mainstream case, according to the current trends without major changes. The alternative scenario describes a more dynamic and optimistic context.

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Workshops: “The stone age didn’t end because people ran out of stones.”

In three LivingRAIL workshops, international experts discussed promising measures to boost railways market share. The lesson we learned: No matter which path we chose, there will be no one-fits-all solution. To quote an expert: “Pain is in the change”.

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The LivingRAIL focus areas

To cope with the diversity of regions and transport markets, the analysis in LivingRAIL will be developed for stereotypical regional clusters in Europe. Read more about the LivingRAIL focus areas and mode shifts targets.

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Report on Framework and Scenarios

A first and important step in the research work of the LivingRAIL project is achieved: Read here our full report on framework and scenarios.

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