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LivingRAIL - Vision for rail in Europe in 2050

LivingRAIL is a research project funded by the European Commission. It develops a vision for rail transport in Europe 2050, and a roadmap for realizing it.


Possible, but a lot to do

Some of our core messages how to reach 50% rail mode share in 2050: Act coordinated. Start now. No need to wait for a magic technology to come. Actively address social norms. Keep on reshaping cities. Integrate logistics in land use concepts. Customer orientation and intermodality is key to success.

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Invitation to our final conference

We invite you to our final conference in Brussels, 23th April 2015. We will discuss our findings in a half day event, backed by Michael Cramer MEP, Chairman of the Committee for Transport and Tourism, and chaired by Prof. Werner Rothengatter (KIT).

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The LivingRAIL Vision

What if the EU White Paper for transport came true? We proudly present our 2050 vision for rail. While re-emphasising the necessary ingredients on railway futures advocated since long, the LivingRAIL vision strongly points on cultural frameworks. Enjoy reading about the brave new rail world.

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The LivingRAIL Film

How do we want to life in the future? In the LivingRAIL film, a young father reflects on a future transport system. Instead of “faster higher further”, he imagines for his little daughter a new quality of life in cities offering more space and more green, with less cars and more public transport.

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Database for future measures online

The LivingRAIL database contains rail and policy measures to foster public transport use in Europe 2050. The reports try to estimate market sizes and mode shift potentials. We invite you to comment!

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